The cast hookah and a summer Louisville Kentucky

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For the Louisville Courier. In my girlhood's homo in a Northern clime, The land of the frost and the snow, I oft hnd dreams of a summer home Where my wandering feet should go : A land of knights and ladles fair, Where the richest perfume filled the air. And one silent form for ever stood Before njy ravished eyes, With a beauty that might well hare belonged To the hour is of paradise: A soul whore love and song unite To clothe the spirit in robes or white. I left my home in that Northern land, For a bright and tropical clime ; word?

Yet the strango wild dream of my early youth Wus fadeless and pure as eternal truth. I sought in the crowded halls of mirth. JVa catch a glimpse of that form divine ; Joldly and sadly I turned away, j Ij felt that a hopeless task was mine. II y listening cars to greet : Tuning my soul's Eolian strings, And giving my tatty tireless wings. I knew by the throb or my poet heart. That tbc beauty I long had Fought Wfl? And 1 blessed the fates that so kindly willed My dream of life to be fulfilled. Oh 1 then, sweet girl, take this Bimple lay From one, though obscure in life. And whose soul with friendship is riTc.

And when thy thoughts are fancy free. The Gaines Cnsc. Gaines, thus placing that lady, after a struggle of many years duration, in possession of proiKT! The history, ill brief, of this remarkable ease is as follows : Ztilieinc Carriere, a beautiful Fretu li girl, had bceu entrapped into a marriage with a man named Jerome Do Grange, who represented himself to be a French Count. Ou reaching Philadelphia shc discovered that 0c Grange was a married man and a confectioner. Zttlicmc Hed from her seducer, and became acquainted with Daniel Clark, one of the early settlers of Louisiana, nttd a man of extraordinary business tact and energy.

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This meeting was in 1SCK. Clark soon after r::trnecl the handsome French wom-in, but the marriage was kept Boeret. Gaines, was bom. Soon after tho birth of her. Zulicme became anxious to have her marriage with Clark made public, and she left for "o" Orleans to obtain legal proof of her first luiuband's The cast hookah and a summer Louisville Kentucky.

Clark, now an inlluential politician, took advantage of her absence to pay his addresses to Miss Caton, grand-daughter of Charles Carroll. An engagement was cuntracted, but Miss Caton discovered that Clark was already married, and the match was broken otf.

Miss Caton afterwards became the -Marchioness of Welles ley. On her return to Philadelphia, Zulieme discovered this ntw blow to her happiness. She at once set aboutproviDg her marriage to Clark, but found that he had destroyed all theevidcuess of the fact that lay within his reach. Poor and helpless she struggled ou with her child until she met with Br. Gardetto, who learned her story, offered her his hand, and was accepted. Clark soon after sought a reconciliation with Zulicme, but was too late. He obtained possession of their child and bad it brought up by a friend, every care being taken of her education.

Clark became wealthy, and on his death inlelt the lvhole'of Ids iitopcity to his mother, naming Beverly ijhew and Richard Keif, bankers of Xew Orleans, as bis executors. About the year. Myra Clark, who had then become Mrs. Whitney, took steps to establish her legitimacy and obtain her share of the property.

The case was hotly contested, and dragged its slow length along until the unfortunate lady was beggared. Her second husband, General Gaines, pushed ltsr claims witli vigor, but without success. As a last resort, Mrs. Gaines, now ji'nuii a widow, brought the entire ease before the United States Supreme Court, and here, at tho last possible stage of the contest, she has become victorious. Gaines is now in her 55ih year, enjoying good health, and has kept tip her spirits and good humor throughout the 30 years desperate legal struggle in which she has been engaged.

By the decision she has established her legitimacy, and become the possessor ol properly of immense value, principally i the city of New Orleans. The Court, in giving tho decree, said that measures would be at once taken to enforce the. The Louisiana act of secession does not affect he Gaines decision, as all pending suits ill the United Stales Court, in which residents of that Suite were concerned, were exempted from interference.

A Smi:t Witxks?. At a trial of a trespass before one of the ward magistrates of Rochester, a long, loose-ted canal boy whose pants were short at both ends, one tail of his coat torn oil. His evidence spread the. Is that all you know about it 5" Here the witness ttoped down to get his hands in his pantaloons pockets, and lookingup, said: "That's utn. Dollar jKWEt. It is the most positive imitation of gold that has ever been discovered; it wears like it not discoloring any thing n touches as. Were they J. A correspondent of the New York Scots man, who appears to be well Informed, furnishes that paper the following Interesting gossip about the career of the late Lola Montcz in Australia : When introduced to Lola quietlysmolt-ing a cigarette I found that as long as 1 behaved myself I had no reason to dread a horse-whip.

She was no fury, but a Bohemian Grace, with a latent dash of the devil. She chatted away as if I had known her all my life, invited me to a "conversazione" nt"hcr hotel on the following Sunday, and was in the middle of her story about her husband, Mr. TIcald, when the manager sundry messages having been disregarded rushed up to inform her that the house had been waiting for her for some minutes a circumstance which did not appear In the slightest degree to ruffle her free and easy tranquility. Sho played with a good deal of piquancy, but was" evidently a novice in "stage business.

On the followimr Snndav cvr-nirjo- a little uimiuv w jo ii one roocurtu luroau u. On an otto-mau, in a chintz lressinp--p-nwn.

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His wife, a once well-known "Bloomer lecturess," a quite little lady, however, with skirts of orthodox length, a French dauscuse, a recently imported star from North and South American theaters, large eyed and long-limbed, Lola's "sheep-dog" a Southern States lady, who loved Lola as much as she detested that "she Judas, Mrs. Bccclicr Stone C'aliibr-nian and local actors and actresses, and a fuw of my critical confreres, were the company. All tho men were smoking. So was tho hostess looking much prettier in her black silk skirl, black velvet jacket, lace habit shirt and collar, unpointed face, and school-girl cluster of short curls, than when bedizened for the glare of tho footlights.

On the sideboard stood a tumbler of cigarettes. Two dozen of these Lola smoked between seven ou Sunday evening and two on Monday morning. Bringing tho smoke out of her nostrils and her cars was a trick that she though nothing of. One of her funial feats, though not very feminine, was very extraordinary. She took a long null at her tube of snowy paper, opened her mouth, but no smoke'could be seen, She then took a dranght of water, opened her mouth, and out camo a cloud of smoke.

This, she informed its, was the Spanish mode of smoking tobacco, instead ot miff ing out its fnmr. On tnhlc-ttiroing. Taps cer-taitily were heard ill the middle of telescope tables in reply to queries, and claw tables pirouetted on one toe. In animal magnetism, again, she was a professed! A few hours befor her guests assembled, her husband chose to take himself oil' to London. She was much annoved. He advised her to send for Alexis, the clairvoyant, to keep him m her house.

In process of time the truant returned. On all kinds of topics Lr,! Ol liberty she proclaimed herself an ardent devotee, showing, with especial pride, among the trinkets, nuggets, Ac. The Sydney ladies were, very much chagrined by Lola's general correctness of conduct. Beyond an apocryphal story that sho had blackened the eye oi one of Iicr actors with a Champagne bottle, thrown at him at supper time" and another, not much more authentic, that she had tl reateued to lling a little Hungarian refugee Count out, of a window, no charge, The cast hookah and a summer Louisville Kentucky sundrv siii alters were, mad lis March hares about her, could be brought against her during her first stay in Sydney.

In J. A thoroughly Lolcsquc es. Her Californian companv proviug, with one or two exceptions, a set of mulls, she dismissed them in Sydney, paying them all their dues. They ha"d Imped to be taken on to Melbourne, and being disappointed, determined to do all in their powcrto prevent Lola from reaching Port Phillip. Accordingly they trumped up claims against her, and" i list as the steamboat in which she had takeulier pas sage was uearmg mu ayuuey ricaci, tue boat of the Sydney bailiff shot alongside, and the Sydney ba'llif! In vain was security offered for Lola ; tne obdurate official insisted on carrying her ofi'.

Take me now," she 'triumphantly exclaimed to the bailiff, who was fidgeting about the door like a terrier at a rat hole, Ouc glance into the state room in addition to ihe curses both loud and deep from her retinue, and the threat of Ihe steamer to "cut the painter of that there, boat if them as owns it ain't over thc. Arrived ou the "other side," Lola provided the artists and authors of the" Mel-bourneWjicA with pubulum for cuts and paragraphs for weeks, and became, as she was m the Californian. She returned to the other colony, ami, rendered reckless by the "cold shoulder" which the "highlv per" portion of the Xew South Welsh v her, did her worst to deprive herself of the, support of those who were willing to judge, her simply on her artistic merits.

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A proud, pclulaut lit- tl" puss was poor Lola. Happening oikc to suggest that it might be well if she se cured The cast hookah and a summer Louisville Kentucky patronage uf the Governor of New South Y ales, 1 got lor reply, "Governor! Governor, and how arc all do little Governors :-" On her sceoim visit to Victoria, Lola in one ol lier petulant, mood. The wife of her agcul knocked down poor J. Oue of the most beautiful and wealthiest girls in Naples, at the moment of returning from the San Carlo Theater, was shot at tue uoor oi ue.

The girl gate oue. A Virions Davoutek. During her fath er's absence in Albany, Sarah Hays, fifteen veaiSjilgared the house, at Brooklyu, New York, of every Vajuabje, with the help of a serva'jtgirl,aud decamped, ghe has otten robbed her father before, and was arrested on Saturday as an irreclaimable thief.

Wti xm tow. TAmi : the orchaud : the stock baxoe. Apples for Central Kentucky Mr. Samuel Haycraft, an experienced frnlt-grower in Hardin county, gives very useful information now and then in a series of short articles which he is publishing in the Elizabethtown Democrat and the Ken tucky Farmer. His experience with North cm apples is that of nearly all observing orchardists west of the Licking and south of the Ohio rivers, viz : that while thev nearly always increase in size and improve in beauty by emigration, they undergo so great a change in the periods of maturity, as to make depondenee upon catalogues and classifications altogether unsafe; fall and winter apples in New York, for exam ple, becoming almost invariably summer and fall apples in Kentucky.

We quote a few of the instances pointed out hy Mr. Haycraft : "The Northern Spy," No. I have tried that fruit In Hardin county, Ky. The tree is a beautiful, upright, thrifty grower. The apple grows nearly oue-third larger than it does in New York, and is really a magnificent apple, but our long seasons of sunshine carry it on too rapidly, and by the middle or last of September the' are nil off, proving itself here to be a fall apple.

Our own experience, exactly, and that not in the interiorof Kentucky, but almost ou the very banks of the Ohio river, and in a rolling country several hundred feet above ils waters. The Northern Spy loses little or nothing in quality, however, by traveling southward aud, by picking before full maturity, we have prolonged Its season till November.

The cast hookah and a summer Louisville Kentucky

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