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Some people say that it hurts, while others report no pain at all. For many, it refers to penetrative vaginal sex.

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Penetrative vaginal sex can hurt for many reasons, not just due to the loss of virginity. Some people believe that tearing the hymena thin layer that often covers the vagina, explains the pain that some people experience when they first have sex. However, not everyone has a hymen, and even when they do, it may not tear during vaginal sex. The pain may instead come from inadequate lubrication, anxiety that causes muscle spasms, or a partner who rushes or is too forceful.

Discussing what feels good and what does not with a partner can ensure that both parties enjoy the experience. People who do not feel comfortable talking to their partner may not yet be ready to have sex. The likelihood of this is high if the person fears that their partner will become angry or aggressive if they offer feedback.

A person should never assume consent or pressure another person into any sexual activity. People should stop any sexual act if any participant feels discomfort or pain or withdraws their consent. There are many reasons why some people may experience pain during sexual intercourse. Some tips that may help avoid Take my virginity now include:. For many people, having penetrative vaginal intercourse for the first time is synonymous with the loss of virginity. Tense pelvic floor muscles, anxiety, lack of lubricationand pressure on the hymen can all cause pain.

People can make vaginal sex more comfortable by:. Most people experience pain when having anal sex for the first time. The anal sphincter is much tighter and narrower than the vagina, and the anus does not lubricate itself. A person who feels anxious about the experience may involuntarily tense their muscles, making sex more painful. It is best to avoid attempting anal sex if the bottom partner has hemorrhoidsfeels constipated, or has diarrhea.

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Oral sex does not typically hurt, and it may also provide some additional lubrication. If oral sex does hurt, it may be because a person has a wound on their genitals or an infectionsuch as a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Sometimes, too much stimulation of the head of the penis or clitoris can be painful.

If this is the case, people should talk about what hurts and try changing the position, technique, or speed. Manual stimulation comes in many forms, from stimulation of the clitoris or penis to penetration of the vagina or anus. As with vaginal or anal sex, the pain is usually due to insufficient lubrication or stimulation that is too forceful or fast. There is no way to remove the risk of infections or injury completely, but several strategies can help reduce the risk:. Many people may believe that losing their virginity will hurt, but it does not need to be painful.

Open communication, clear consent, and a slow, deliberate approach can make the first time more pleasurable. People should not feel any pressure to lose Take my virginity now virginity and should only do so when they are comfortable and with a consenting partner. Many people feel nervous about having sex for the first time, but knowing what might happen can help a person prepare, emotionally and physically, to…. Dyspareunia refers to persistent or recurrent pain during sexual intercourse. The causes may be physical or psychological.

Dyspareunia can affect…. It is very rare to get pregnant from anal sex, but there is a small chance. We explore anal sex and pregnancy and bust some myths about preventing…. Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm? Read on to discover why oral sex is very unlikely to result in pregnancy. Also, learn the truth behind…. The vagina usually produces natural lubrication to stay healthy and facilitate sexual activity. When this is not enough, artificial lubricants or…. Tips for making sexual encounters less painful. Tips for vaginal sex.

Tips for anal sex. Tips for oral sex. Tips for manual Take my virginity now. General tips for safer sex. Latest news Bias in medical research: Studies by women cited less often than those by men. Psilocybin spurs rapid growth of new nerve connections in mice. Tooth loss associated with greater risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Related Coverage. What happens when you lose your virginity? Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph.

What causes dyspareunia, or painful intercourse?

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Medically reviewed by University of Illinois. Is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex? Is it possible to get pregnant from oral sex?

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What happens when you lose your virginity?