Straight female looking for fun friends

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I was drunk the first time I kissed a girl. She was even more drunk. She was sloppily making out with some friends a few feet away from me. We were teenage girls, coming of age under the male gaze. And so were her other friends. And they made out with each other in front of some guys they were trying to impress.

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I was still far from coming to terms with my queerness, but I immediately felt guilty for contributing to the fetishization of queer women. My first exposure to women loving women in the media was through an intensely fetishized lens. I do remember that one female character got onto a bar and started making out with another female character. Lesbian porn is one of the most searched if not the most searched topics on Pornhub. Are all these searches made by gay women? Obviously, most of these searches were made by men. Not to mention the amount of inaccuracies in lesbian porn.

But this is the porn industry, after all. Their issues with feminism go far beyond lesbian fetishization. Was this intentionally to target a male audience who fantasize about lesbian porn?

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Or is the fetishization of lesbians so normalized and ingrained in the male brain that director Abdellatif Kechiche could not manage to make an artistic lesbian film without some level of sexualization of the characters? Whatever it is, it makes way for conversation about a larger issue.

Sadly, the fetishization of lesbians is old news.

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While there is progress being made, gay men experience a similar level of hypersexualization in the media. In a study looking at advertisements in various magazines including The Advocate and Out magazine, the men posing are sexualized through nudity or advertising for items such as underwear, porn magazines, lubricants and more. Another sickening theme in these stories is that these masculine men often rape the more feminine men. We can agree that this is fetishization and that it is an issue, right?

So, when I see straight girls kissing each other and posting it on social media for attention, I get pissed. That picture was not an isolated incident. Once again, I almost fell for the cuteness until I realized she has a boyfriend. You cherry-pick which parts of queer culture you wish to participate in without experiencing the fear, the shame, the suppression, the self-hatred, the continual questioning, the lack of representation, the lack of rights. You get to kiss your friends without getting attacked and hospitalized.

For five years of my life, I identified as bisexual in a very subtle and dismissive way. I know my attraction to women, sexually and romantically, is real and cannot be dismissed. But simply for the sake of living my life, I have to consciously make effort to unlearn the effects of hypersexualization of lesbianism and queer peoples in general. They are majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. Favorite hobbies include sewing, playing table tennis and ignoring her alarm clock. There are too many unfounded assumptions made in this article for me to give it any serious consideration.

Please step down from your position as the self-declared arbiter of what others may or may not do. Hi Jessica! I enjoyed reading your article. I agree with your arguments. I was on social media and an acquaintance of mine posted a video of her taking shots and kissing her best friend. They were surrounded by a group of guys. I felt uncomfortable and angry that other people were using my sexuality as a party trick. Thank for helping me and validating my feelings. See the Community Guidelines under Straight female looking for fun friends About tab for more information.

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Straight female looking for fun friends

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