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Hello my loves, I hope you are doing great and that you are ready for another topic I am about to discuss, so get ready! I will tell you about Serbian men, international dating, Serbian men stereotypes, and other things so you can feel comfortable and ready to meet Serbian men. First of all, I must say how cool, extrovert and welcoming Serbian guys are! I met many of them, and of course, women as well through those friends and they took me around the city, showed different places, explained the language and even taught me basics.

After being here for several months, dating a Serbian guy was a more and more appealing idea to me and I wanted to see what a relationship here would look like. When it comes to physical appearance I think it is enough to say that I feel like in heaven over here. Most of them have chocolate brown hair and brown eyes whose shade goes from honey brown to deep dark, however, there are also lots of blonde men with blue and green eyes.

Many of them work out and play sports, with soccer Single Serbia gentleman for dating where are you basketball being the most popular ones, so typical Serbian men are quite fit and masculine, especially younger ones.

So this is a question that has two answers, while there are two kinds of men in my opinion. They wear jeans, nice shirts and shoes, or shirts and sweaters in winter, coats, parkas, and suits for more formal occasions. They like to take care of their looks and pay close attention to it. Those men often listen to rap music and copy the artists, so they wear thick, golden necklaces around their necks, and probably have lost or many that they spend of their gorgeous girls, cars, parties, etc.

On top of the important physical trait ratings for Serbian men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Serbian men we see on Tinder. We call it the 1, Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are. We swiped through different profiles in all of the major cities of Serbia and took note of how many handsome men there are. Here is a quick breakdown. With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself.

Find out more below In the section about how to meet Serbian men.

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Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. If you are wondering what are Serbian guys like you should know most of them are true gentlemen and respect women incredibly. Family is quite important here and many men grow up having mothers and sisters in their lives, so they know how to behave around and towards them.

While you are meeting single Serbian guys you will see how they will behave: they will ask you for your first, or out for a date, they will open and hold the door for you, pay for the meal if you go to a restaurant, they will move the chair, listen to you carefully, ask questions and offer their coat if its cold outside.

Now, there is also a darker side, since there are also many victims of domestic violence here, and that is mostly in smaller towns where lives are a bit different and where men are quite patriarchal and think they are better than women.

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Typical Serbian guys have integrity and they have a moral compass, they are honest and loyal, which I really like. So if you wish to meet Serbian guys and dive into the Serbian dating culture it is good to know that you will be safe with them. These handsome Serbian guys are generally loyal in my humble opinion. I met many friends, both men, and women and they are all loyal to their partners, especially a bit older ones. Since this is a big city 1,7 million people there is a big dating culture among younger people who start having relationships as young as 14 years old.

They might make out, but that is it. However, I still think that many gorgeous, sexy Serbian guys are very loyal and even reject girls who approach them if they are taken. I saw it so many times with my own eyes. If you are into dating Serbian guys and wish to try something new, know that you will get honesty from them. I am pretty straightforward and open as a person, and that is what I get from other people, so you should first open up and I am sure it will be reciprocated. They might also lie if you are jealous and try to limit them in any way, so they might start hiding some activities, such as seeing their friends too often.

Dating Serbian men are wonderful for many reasons that I mentioned, and them being protective is another perk, as you can rest assured that nothing will happen to you when you are together. Since you are wondering what are Serbian men like you should know that they are also quite resourceful and what I always say — this is the fact that comes from their personality, but more from the living circumstances. This is why they use many ways to get money, such as working more, borrowing from friends, even gambling, or just going out to places where drinks and food are quite affordable.

First of all, they cherish family and understand the meaning of it, they are loyal, honest, understanding, passionate and quite protective. I think that most of the girls who find themselves handsome Serbian men are quite lucky. Normally, they will settle above the age of and even older Single Serbia gentleman for dating where are you similar goes for many women, especially in large cities where people pursue the career and financial stability first.

Handsome Serbian men are simply that — handsome! They play sports from a very young age and a lot of guys go to gyms and work out in order to look the best possible!

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This means that they are quite self-confident and oh boy, some of them are so gorgeous and radiate that confidence, it is an incredibly attractive trait. On the other hand, these dark-haired guys with dark eyes, hot bodies, and gorgeous smile are also quite popular among other girls, and they know it. Thus, be careful not to be hurt. When it comes to Serbian men in bed I was more than happy with what I experienced. They are quite experienced, but more than everything quite passionate and thoughtful, meaning that they will do anything to make you feel amazing.

People here are wonderful and quite friendly, they will talk to you, introduce to their friends, invite over to their home, give advice, help with the language, etc. Of course, you could try to place some games with the guys you like, but be careful not to exaggerate. So far you have read that Serbian men are friendly, protective and so much more. This eans that they are lovable European men. Moreover, a Serbian man will respect your decision and pace and wait for you to be ready for any next step in your relationship. This should give a good picture of what are Serbian men like in relationships.

You will see how many gorgeous looking and tall men you will see in the streets, cafes, clubs, etc and this also goes for women. So my loves, brace yourselves for many eye candies that you will meet and wish to be with! Men here tend to be quite protective, especially if they have grown up with little sister s and know what it means to take care of a girl. He will cherish you and do things to make you happy, but sometimes he might limit you in certain ways. He will want to know where you are going, with whom, when you are coming back, etc and this can be hard for some very liberal people.

So, one of my tips for dating a Serbian man is to be patient and if you see that he is too protective, sit down and talk to him and explain how you feel about it. Another good idea on where to meet Serbian guys is to go out into the night clubs or cafes where there is live music unfortunately music is often in Serbian. Thus, cooking something from your country for him will surely throw him off his feet and this is one of the best Serbian men dating tips! You can also teach him and have fun together in the kitchen and play around!

The best answer on how to meet Serbian men better and make Single Serbia gentleman for dating where are you fall in love with you is too meet his friends and become their friend. Social life is very important here and every person has his clique, so becoming a part of it will be thrilling for both of you! There are many activities you can do, such as going to movies, theaters, ice skating, playing paintball, visiting cafes and restaurants, listening to live music, etc. It is important to be able to talk about other more important and serious subjects, besides having fun and laughing together.

So the answer on how to meet Serbian men and make them go crazy is to also show your more serious and profound side which will let him know about your depths. Now, he is quite popular and handsome. Combine these two and voila! Many girls fell for this gorgeous, almost 2-meter tall giant, but one won his heart, a famous Serbian model Mina Milutinovic, to whom he proposed recently. Zeljko Joksimovic is like the saint of all Serbs.

He represented Serbia on the Eurovision and did great 2nd place or so.

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Moreover, he is multi-lingual and a true gentleman. His teeth are admirably white and you can see the charm all over the place when he smiles. He was quite popular back at the start of a new millennium, and kind of kept growing his audience ever since.

Now, you can see young people going crazy over his music hits that are probably a decade older than they are. I also hope that this was a good starting point for understanding them better and with the help of the ultimate guide for online dating it will be the beginning of the search for your perfect guy and international dating! Post Content. About The Author. We have come together to create the ultimate online dating resource.

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Single Serbia gentleman for dating where are you

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