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Having a friend with benefits FWB can be a blast — getting intimate with a close friend? That's can definitely be a great time. Still, not everyone's looking for "benefits" from their close friends until I'm allowed to go on my roommate's healthcareand it's good to keep this in mind. For more info, it can always be fun to check your horoscope to see which s might love being a FWB, and which aren't into friends with benefits.

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Remember, astrology doesn't determine anyone's future, and just because someone's zodiac doesn't indicate that they're a good candidate to be a FWB, doesn't mean it won't work out — every FWB situation is different. Read on to find out if you are one of the four s that might not be super into FWB. Leo is proud, which is not always ideal for FWB. Miss Piggy is a caricatured example, but she encapsulates the essence of Leo. Aries may find being a FWB isn't as exciting as they want.

Taurus could want to turn a FWB-ship into a relationship.

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Still, if both members of an FWB arrangement are happy with turning the friendship into a relationship, it can be wonderful. That being said, Taurus is an extremely sensualand they tend to find the path of least resistance very appealing.

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Cancer is known for its loving and caring tendencies. She explains that this means that they might not be perfectly suited for FWB, but if they are already in an arrangement like this, they tend to be extremely caring and romantic. This could be exactly the type of FWB you're looking for or want to beor it could be more serious than what you want, so just be sure to articulate your desires clearly.

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People of every can definitely be an FWB. Some zodiac s might be more predisposed to FWB than others, and it's always good to keep the communication open to make sure you and your partner are both happy with the situation. And if you're satisfied with your FWB, happy stargazing!

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By Ginny Hogan. Leo July 23 — Aug. Aries March 21 — April 19 : Born Hunters. Taurus April 21— May 21 : The Transformers. Search Close.

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4 Zodiac s That Aren't Super Into FWBs, According To Astrologers