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Frightened Rabbit were a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirkformed in Initially a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchisonthe final line-up of the band consisted of Hutchison, his brother, Grant Hutchison drumsBilly Kennedy guitar, bassAndy Monaghan guitar, keyboards and Simon Liddell guitar. From the band were based in Glasgow. Frightened Rabbit's first studio album, Sing the Greyswas recorded by the Hutchison brothers and Billy Kennedy, released on independent label Hits the Fan in The band subsequently ed to Fat Cat Recordsinand shortly after recorded their second album The Midnight Organ Fight The album was released to strongly positive reviews and extensive touring, with guitarist and keyboardist Andy Monaghan ing the band to flesh-out its live performances.

The band's third studio album, The Winter of Mixed Drinkswas released inwith former Make Model guitarist Gordon Skene ing the band for its accompanying tour. A critical and commercial success in the UK, the album peaked at nine on the UK Albums Chart[2] with additional guitarist Simon Liddell ing the band on its subsequent tour. Disillusioned from touring, Scott Hutchison, Monaghan, and Liddell recorded a studio album without the band, entitled Owl John Gordon Skene departed from the band in earlyand the band recorded Painting of a Panic Attack the following year with producer Aaron Dessner The Nationalin New Yorkwith Liddell ing the band as a full contributing member.

Scott Hutchison died in May after going missing. In December the remaining members of the band played together for the first time since Hutchison's death, at a charity gig in Glasgow with special guests performing vocals. Invocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchison used the name Frightened Rabbit, which came from a name his mother gave him in his youth due to his chronic shyness, [6] as a stage moniker for his solo shows. The project became a full-fledged band with the addition of his brother Grant Hutchison on drums inand guitarist Billy Kennedy in During early shows, the band would give out their address for those interested in receiving a free demo.

After a time during which few demos were sent out, Scott said that he would send out biscuits with the music, which led to a rise in requests for the demo. Scotland Connecticut girl gets fucked led to a lasting impression with the recipients. I'd send them to the U. I don't know, I suppose it was just one of those little things that people will remember, rather than making it disposable and forgettable. The band then embarked on a full American tour. I was really hammered and I was like 'why don't you come and play some shows with us man? The next day, I got a text like 'Do you remember… did you say something about this or is it my imagination?

Whilst touring in support of The Midnight Organ FightScott Hutchison noted that he was "excited at the prospect of being in the studio again," [18] and that stated that he "can't do another break-up album 'cause I haven't had one this year!

Maybe it'll just be a little less focused on me". Hutchison subsequently announced plans to head to CrailFife to write material for the band's third studio album: [20]. The theme I'm going for is pushing yourself out to the edge of things and being alone, feeling lost and not knowing where you are, which is how I've felt recently.

It's not all fun and games, but Scotland Connecticut girl gets fucked it'll just be less obviously personal and brutal than the last record. Less oppressive.

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In Octoberthe band members unveiled the album's title, The Winter of Mixed Drinksand announced the arrival of a fifth band member, Gordon Skene formerly of Make Model. According to Scott Hutchison: [22]. A lot of the new record is heavily layered and it felt like too much for the four of us to do. We need another member to get them at their full impact.

I dunno, we're kind of bored of each other.

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We just need to add some fresh meat. In Junethey appeared on The A. Club covering The Lemonhe. A Frightened Rabbit EP was released on 28 July and was available exclusively on their subsequent tour. On 19 Octoberthe EP was released as a free download to subscribers to the band's newsletter, with the announcement of a limited-run vinyl being available for pre-order.

Archie Fisher sings on "The Work". On 6 DecemberClash Music reported that Frightened Rabbit were planning to record their fourth album, and Scott Hutchison states, "it's written, essentially," noting that they are on the production stage. The band announced that on 1 May they would start recording the fourth album. The fourth album will also mark the first time for the band that it is not Scott Hutchison alone with the task of songwriting, with Hutchison saying that "it's done nothing but benefit the new songs. On tour in for support of State HospitalScott announced that the album would be released in February In NovemberFrightened Rabbit announced the name of their new album, Pedestrian Versevia their official Facebook.

Released to widespread critical acclaim, the band embarked upon an extensive tour in support of the album. Regarding a forthcoming fifth studio album, Hutchison noted in October "We're going to have to start thinking about the next record after this tour. We've done a lot of writing in Scotland, but it would be good to shift it up a gear and get out of the comfort zone, away from what we're used to, and over [in America] would be good for that.

So the only worry, especially on the West Coast and California, is the effect that may have on my writing, and whether I would be all happy and full of vitamins. On 25 MarchGordon Skene departed the band owing to "differing opinions" with the four other members. Frightened Rabbit announced via social media their fifth album, Painting of a Panic Attackwould be released on 8 April Frightened Rabbit released a Scotland Connecticut girl gets fucked song "Fields of Wheat" on 11 Julywith the band stating, "We made this recently.

It felt like the song should go out now, because it's about what's happening now. The band released their debut album Dance Music on 4 April. I would like for that to be finished by the end of the year.

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There are no words to describe the overwhelming sadness and pain that comes with the death of our beloved Scott, but to know he is no longer suffering brings us some comfort. Reading messages of support and hope from those he has helped through his art has helped immensely and we encourage you all to continue doing this. He will be missed by all of us and his absence will always be felt but he leaves a legacy of hope, kindness and colour that will forever be remembered and shared. Rest peacefully Scott.

Much love. On 25 May, the band announced they had cancelled their First Incident festival, which had been due to take place on 1 June in Glasgow and would have featured them in a headlining performance. In Augustthe band announced they would be performing at the Sleep in the Park charity event in Glasgow on 8 December, which would be their first concert since Hutchison's death. In Maythe Hutchison family established Tiny Changesa mental health charity named after a lyric from the band's song "Head Rolls Off", in memory of Scott.

It was supposed to be released in summer to mark the tenth anniversary of The Midnight Organ Fightand Scott Hutchison was fully involved in the process and had approved the tracks included. In the run-up to the covers album's release, the remaining members of the band gave several interviews, stating that "the band does not exist" without Scott. It was also mentioned that there were demos already recorded for the band's planned sixth album and that these materials may still be released by the band. Concerning the band's line-up, Scott Hutchison noted in "The initial lineup in Frightened Rabbit was just myself.

I had really only been messing with my 4 track for about 6 Scotland Connecticut girl gets fucked before I started playing some shows on my own. Some of the songs still didn't have words and I was mostly just mumbling nonsense half the time. Grant ed a year later, making the outfit much noisier. Billy came along about 6 months after this and actually made it a bit less noisy.

He's very calming like that is Billy. Andy has been in the band since January, and adds all the extra details we were missing before. Still not sure if we're finished gathering members". Frightened Rabbit have done extensive work with Scotland Connecticut girl gets fucked Children music coalition project, going on tour with them in They were scheduled to perform at the as well; after the death of frontman Scott Hutchison, the band played at the event with guest vocalists.

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Scotland Connecticut girl gets fucked

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