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Joel Hammond : How was your night with the sex trafficker? A question I never thought I'd ask my wife.

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Sheila Hammond : Awful. It turns out he wasn't a trafficker. He was Lisa's boyfriend.

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I almost killed an innocent man. And even if I find a worthy charity to donate the money to, I'm still gonna get the tax write-off. Eva : You know, my man is always making me do all this dangerous stuff by myself. Joel Hammond : Really? Eva : Yeah. Why is he doing that to Santa clarita fuck, Joel? Joel Hammond : I don't know. Maybe he's not great at danger and thinks he would just get in your way. Eva : You know, I never told him, but I want him with me. Having him there makes me feel better. Joel Hammond : Of course it does. And he should wanna make you feel better.

He needs to stop only thinking about himself, put his issues aside, and be there for his wife. Eva : We're not even married. And I got a ton of shit to say about that, too. Marcus : [walks into apartment] What the fuck?

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Eva : Yo, this is Joel. And he didn't do nothing to Loki. And he says you need to stop being a fucking pussy and come with me when I do my drops, and fucking put a ring on it, Marcus! Joel Hammond : Marcus is your boyfriend?

Would've been good to know. Right, Joel? Joel Hammond : Yes. We are best friends now. Rick : Thank God. This "will they, won't they" thing has been going on too long. Sheila Hammond : Maybe we need to change our perspective on this. Maybe Dan is working for us.

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And he's like our little truffle pig just leading us to tasty morsels. Joel Hammond : That may be the most beautiful thing anyone's ever said about Dan, but I'm sorry, honey, I'm just not doing it. Joel Hammond : No more doing things separately. From now on, we fuck everything up together. In. Showing all 23 items. Jump to: Photos 18 Quotes 5. Create a list ». Santa Clarita Diet. Seen list Series episodes. See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

Santa clarita fuck

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