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We also wanted our blog to serve as a place to share resources about how you can help make a change. Shiquita - Unconventional Southern Belle. In NovemberThe Unconventional Southern Belle blog was born to provide Shiquita a platform to share affordable fashion, makeup and natural hair care with those who so graciously support her. Since she began blogging, she has had the opportunity to work with several national and local brands such as Fabletics and National Pawn. She began a career in the field of disabilities and special needs inand currently serves families throughout Greensboro and Fayetteville developing and implementing behaviors support plans.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and year-old son, doing Zumba, spending time outdoors, and shopping!

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Shiquita also recommends these resources to learn and listen. Follow along with Shiquita on InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Leslie - Sobe Savvy. Leslie is a mom and wife who shares savvy tips and ways to live your best life, via lifestyle blog, SobeSavvy. Variety is the spice of life, so her features and content for brands that she creates cover a multitude of topics.

HeighPartyof3, which consists of her husband, their 7 year old daughter fondly referred to as outandaboutAva and Leslie, enjoy being creative with their time together and sharing their family fun experiences with you! She has also lived abroad in Paris, France. While marketing businesses through social media and recapping special events, Sobesavvy.

Leslie was also featured as one of our Friends of Tabletop later last year. Follow along with Leslie on InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Keisha - TheGreenTea Blog. TheGreenTea Blog is for everyone out there who wants to explore unique quality restaurants, eateries, products, and entertainment.

Keisha shares with her readers and viewers what she feels is good for her body, mind, and spirit. So if you see her eating a juicy beef burger, drinking matcha tea, and getting a spa treatment in one day.

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That is her version of living TheGreenTeaBlog way. Keisha is here to inspire, inform and entertain in hope to bring up good living discussions. It is a growing unique brand, delivering high quality video and photographic content into an authentic story-telling review that the audience can enjoy. Keisha was featured as one of our Friends of Tabletop a few months ago. Chelsea - A Fashionable Believer. These past few weeks and months have truly been an emotional roller coaster. Additionally, knowing that that these violent and senseless killings stemming from racism have been happening for quite some time.

Just when I think I have finally gotten control of my emotions, it all comes pouring out again. When I get angry, I use that emotion to focus on and fuel my hope and that strong feeling I have that brighter days are coming and that HOPE always prevails.

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I recently shared this post on my that God has overcome the world, and when I think of the dark spots that we are seeing so strongly, I remind myself that all of the worldly things we see will never prevail or win against God--He has overcome it all. I am a mom of one year old twin girls named Charley and Madelyn and they are such a joy! I am and will forever be grateful for what this dream has brought me-- such great friends and an opportunity to work with dream brands.

It has also combed out a dream I have had for years of incorporating my two niches together, faith and fashion, and today I announced that I will be launching my online Faith and Fashion boutique on June 11th, entitled CharleyMadelynafter my twin daughters. These current conversations we are having bring me so much hope, that people are listening, brands are listening, and I am just hoping and believing that the listening turns into positive action.

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I have been so grateful for the resources that my fellow Black Influencers have provided, not only for the Black community but also for the non-Black community. There is power in education and knowledge. This week, I shared a blog post on how I am currently feeling and I shared 3 bible scriptures that I have been reflecting on which have given me so much hope. Additionally, I have listed below a few amazing resources that have been informative and helpful:. Shiquita - unconventionalsouthernbelle - provided an excellent resource for ways to support, donate, and truly be an ally.

Kiara Ruth - the. Tiffany - thenorthernbelleofthesouth - she has been such a great source of knowledge for the Black and non-Black community. Marissa- Shabbychiccheap - shares her thoughts on being a Black mom in this racial climate we are living in. I encourage everyone to utilize these resources and not only learn from these but apply them.

It starts with us. We deserve it and so do our future generations. Meka - Hanging With The Harrells. Meka is a fashion loving, DIYing, traveling, military wife, and mommy of 4 who shares her world and adventures with her squad HWTH also known as Hanging with the Harrells.

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Check out her colorful and happy items here for you and your mom friends. Follow along with Meka on InstagramFacebookand Twitter. I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts. I've lived in Cary, North Carolina for 17 years. I am an attorney, lacrosse coach, and food blogger. I started Food Cravingz 2.

I created Food Cravingz because I had a passion for food, travel, and trying new things.

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My website FoodCravingz. In my spare time, I do freelance photography for restaurants, food trucks and people looking to brand themselves on social media. The past few weeks have been very difficult. I still cannot express in words the exhaustion, frustration, and sadness that I feel. Although these times are difficult and uncomfortable for Raleigh North Carolina dark lady people, I believe we are living in the time of change. Supporting the Black Community and the Black Lives Matter movement and speaking out against racial injustice is the first step in the right direction.

I would like to see the Tabletop Community: support black owned businesses on a regular basis; educate themselves on how to be better allies through books, online materials and other resources; donate to social justice organizations, and feature more black influencers and businesses on their website and Social media platforms. Nikki Miller-Ka is a professional food blogger and food critic based in North Carolina. She writes and bites about local and regional restaurant trends, solo travel and develops original seasonal recipes here on Nik Snacks. If you're looking for a fellow foodie to follow in the Triad, Nikki is your girl!

Follow along with Nikki on FacebookInstagramand Twitter. Some of the conversations have been uncomfortable but necessary — I want people to continue to foster these conversations and lean into the discomfort. Communication is such an important tool to create a better understanding. As long as we lead with love then whatever is said will be received in love and that is how progress is made. This past week it has been so amazing to see so many businesses, influencers, and people come together to stand up against systemic racism and injustices.

I really hope that the momentum continues! I intend to do my part and share as much as I can! That takes courage and in times like these, I know that can be hard. Follow along with Marissa on InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Danae - New Saints Collective. My name is Danae Edmonds. Calling myself an influencer cracks me up and makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to think of myself as a community builder.

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I'm an introvert but I live for a genuine connection with people. I am so happy to be one of many voices in the Triangle. Maybe it's the millennial in me or the imposter syndrome but I really don't consider myself a blogger, just an opinionated person with lots of thoughts and friends who like to hear them. I care a lot about women's issues and race issues. I have always tried to use my platform as a creative entrepreneur responsibly.

Raleigh North Carolina dark lady

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