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Ever curious about some superstitions that either he origins in the South or became a part of Southern folklore? Well here are a few. If you know of any you have grown up with, share in the comments. If anyone attempts this, you must challenge them to a gunfight. If you bite your tongue while eating, you recently told a lie. If bees create a hive on your roof, your house may burn down soon. To wear new clothes on Easter Sunday will bring good luck. A horseshoe hung in a bedroom will keep nightmares away. Count the remaining seeds on the dandelion and that is how many children you will have.

Cutting your fingernails on a Friday or Sunday will bring bad luck. A woman struggling to conceive can find success after hugging a pregnant woman. A wedding ring dropped during the ceremony will bring bad luck. If a ring is dropped, the couple should not pick it up, but the person performing the ceremony should. If a ferret, stoat or weasel jumps over the belly of a pregnant woman, the child will be born with a birthmark.

If a cow lifts its tail, rain is coming. When you move, never take your broom with you. Buy a new one. A loaf of bread should never be turned upside down after it has had a sliced removed from it.

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Rub a penny on a wart and it will disappear. If your friend gives you a knife, you should give him a coin and your friendship will last forever. If not, it will be severed. If you kill a bee that is entering your home, it will bring bad luck. Cut an apple in half and count the seeds to see how many children you will have. When eating cherries, keep the pits. Line them up, count them and recite: tinker, tailor, soldier, rich man, poor man, beggar man, their, doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief.

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If an unborn child kicks the left hand side of the womb, it is a boy. Keeping a hat on the bed causes bad luck.

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If your ear itches, someone is talking about you. Sleep with a mirror under your pillow and you will see your future husband. Dreaming of fish means someone is pregnant.

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If a picture of a person falls off a wall, it is a of death. Never buy your boyfriend or husband shoes as a gift, because he will walk out of your life with them. Share this Tags: South southern. Founder of Charleston Daily.

One hot woman 37 Mount Pleasant South Carolina 37

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