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This company has no ideea about treating respectfully a customer. The sales person who tried to sell a car was rude, did false statements, has promised a price right at the beginning 8, and at the end after 3 hoursof waiting the price was 13, I asked for a glass of water or a coffee and he told me without looking at me to go and serve myself. He was impertinent and did't even for a second looked in my eyes. Would you trust a person who talk with you looking out at the window and eating seeds and candies?

I am not gonna go there again. I simply don't trust this company anymore. This place has cracked out sales people. I went in for a car I saw on the internet and when i went there to check it out the car was in horrible condition.

There was 1 new tire and the rest were worn. Plus, the car made a clicking noise when you turned. When I said that the car had to be fixed before I bought it they raised the price! No Strings Attached Sex IL Palatine 60074 was no service reports or carfax reports on this vehicle.

On top of thatthe percentage rate was way out of line and when I said that I talked to another sales man over at another dealership with a lower rate, they automatically dropped the rate to 6. Everyone there is pretty much orange, spiky haired men that sit around and do absolutely nothing at all besides trying to sell you shitty cars.

I have to admit after reading all this horrible reviews I was really skeptical to go to GRossinger. But they had the Travese I wanted and the price on the interenet was the best out there. ALso, when at looked at reviews for other dealerships it seemed like there just werent any good ones.

Maybe only mad people resppond. I live 30 minutes away when I got there they had the car ready for me. TOok me on a test drive nad told me all about it. No problems in finance, probably becuase I have good credit so it was no big deal. When I go back to sercie they are always nice and I got a free oil change. First off I went to buy a car with my girlfriend and sat there for 4 hours while they forced me to take the car that night.

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I told them that I make cash and that I could not prove tax paperwork but only bank statements. Thay told me "dont worry we hook up everyone" after we got to the finance guy named Anthony big fat slob I told him that we only want our credit ran 2 times at most he said "no problem we can get you done in one call" after I went to the rest room and left my girl friend of 8 years with this preditor in the office, he was hitting on her. What the fuck!!!!! He was asking her if she has sex with me and is she happy etc.

That fat basterd ran our apps 9 times with different banks and drop my credit from to I brought the car back to return it because they could not finance me and I sat like an asshole in the office for 1. Jody was walking back and forth and never once came to talk to me about anything.

The finance guy said that the car was mine and thats it! I took No Strings Attached Sex IL Palatine 60074 car and another week went by and now the dealership is calling me for documents. Jody the little fag GM called me and told me that he will give me back my money after yelling at me on the phone for calling the BBB and Attorney General on them. That GM is a little Bitch and he and that dealership should burn!!!! Never ever go to this place First of all let me start by saying Robbie, my salesman was very freindly, very pleasant to deal with. However, to make a loooong story short, my experiance was decent untill I agreed to buy a car and they came over to tell me, "sorry, it's already sold.

I went in to meet with a really big finance guy, his name was Anthony. This was not a problem since I had wanted to put more down to begin with. I re-ed the papers, they looked ok. I bought a used car, you don't rustproof a used car. This is not something they did, offered to do, or even discussed doing. I called that night and spoke to a Mgr, named Kevin.

I don't believe he was a mgr He told me that this was a charge from the bank for financing me.

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How is this possible? Nobody would fix the problem. I don't believe this is even legal. I will be writing to the attorney general this weekend! The outside is right. Don't make a gross mistake!

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Can I give this Dealer a negative 5? What does it take to get a dealership like this put out of business? I made the horrible mistake of stopping at this Dealer while shopping for a new car. I ed the paperwork which turned out to be a binding contract for the car. They told me I had 72 hours to demo the car. When I return less than 24 hours later because we were not satisfied they told me I had bought the car!!!?!

Are you kidding me? They held my car which I was not trading in in their garage and would not allow me to leave the new car and take my car home! My wife and I returned No Strings Attached Sex IL Palatine 60074 Saturday and we were allowed to choose another car on the lot.

They would not even bring in a car from one of their partner dealerships. Only what was on the lot. So of course there was no dealing on the price. This is where it gets fun! When I called them out on that, they agreed to charge exactly the sticker price.

I was not born yesterday. The next game was with the s, we agreed on a final price and the sales person brings me a piece of paper scratched up with Sharpee marker anyone who has been there knows, they must have a class on this game. Well the paper never mentions the final price only monthly payments, the downpayment and the interest rate. Are you kidding me?? Do people go for this?? I told him to take it back or I would simply buy the cheapest piece of crap they had on the lot and walk out.

Someone please tell me who I need to contact to get this information out to the mass public! Lets shut this place down. The Jody Abrams should never be allowed to sell cars to anyone! What goes around comes around you rat bastard. I seriously don't know how these people sleep at night.

I consider myself a fairly intelligent individual with over 17 years of education, and I feel totally stupid for falling into this trap. Don't let it happen to you! Chevrolet P. Box Detroit, MI I had the worst customer service at this dealership. I got there around 7PM and was there till 9PM. It took them an hour before they let me test drive the car. They were talking rude with me the whole time i was there. I went to so many dealerships Nissan, Toyota, Pontiac, Honda, Mitsubishi no sales man or store manager talked so rude with me.

It took them hour to find trade in value of my car. Other car dealerships I went to took less then 15 minutes. After they found the trade in value of my car.

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They finally pull their car out and we went for test drive. Before we went to test drive Gary a salesmanor DicK kept on saying 4 people came to buy this car we did not sell it because they asked us to reduce the price. We did not reduce the price by even one penny. This is before i saw the car. He kept on saying it again and again.

After test drive. I ask how much my 97 maxima GLE is worth fully loaded. I asked them how much will the car cost me out of the door without trade in. I am not sure why he was getting mad at me. It is the first time i met him. I said give me some time to decide. He said the store manager have your car keys. I went to the manager. When you meet someone you shake hands and say nice to meet you.

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He did not introduce himself and said loudly " So why are not buying the car. I am not selling the car for less". I said you guys made less offer to me for my maxima. I really like the price of your car but i need more for my maxima. Gary said I will take the money but if someone comes in the morning to buy the car i will sell it to him.

I got ticked off. I said "Why my money is not green" He said if you want me to hold the car. I grabed my keys and left. While i was walking to the door. Gary said "What are getting upset about, It is what it is" I called Chevy corporate and reported my complaint for this bad experience. Gross is all I can say about Grossinger. They are great They over charge, do math "tricks" and add in things and then talk and write so fast that you don't know what hit you until after you leave and read the paperwork They went on and on about how we would get FREE oil changes and detailing for three years My husband sat in there showroom for 4 hours to have that removed from the contract.

When I called and got Gary Grossinger voice mail and left a message I've had worst experience with this dealership. I was so frustrated I had lost 3 hours in there that i can't reccomend this dealer to anyone. They are bunch of liers. This is how it was I am sorry if I made some mistakes, but I am not a native English speaker : I stop there cause I wanted to buy a chevy cavalier and they did have thaht vehicle.

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I asked the employee what's the price there was no price on any car and I didn't want to waste my time if it was too expensive but he said he cannot talk about that before he show me the car and before I test drive it. I agreed, he showed me the car and I indeed test drove it the car was OK, just the first gear was strangely "long".

That's where my trouble started. He asked my to fill some paperwork and asked me to wait for a financing manager which was strange, cause I wanted to pay cash for the car, but I agreed one more time. Guess what? Could you imagine that? What the. I have to pay for advertising of their car?

No Strings Attached Sex IL Palatine 60074

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