Need something exotic

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Jul 7 Word of the Day. Horny Jail. When you're being horny especially around friends and as a result shame ensues. Friend 1: "Aw man, I could totally fuck a catgirl right now. Friend 1: These Tiger people are fucking crazy. Friend 2: These motherfuckers are worse than crackhe.

Ezra Miller is exotic-looking.

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Anyone that is foreign and different, but beautiful at the same time, basically anything that is not white. Look at that exotic girl with dark hair and big, brown eyes! Exotic people have mysterious, alluring and sensual eyes. ALL will surrender to those eyes when an exotic girl permits a guy she likes to catch a glance of them. Foreignunusual, unique in a good way. Usually directed at something fresh, new, different, and cool. Often refers to erotic dancing, but can refer to anything that seems foreign or unusual to the observer. A language like English or Spanish will come to a point where they are pretty much same-old, same-old, and no longer exotic.

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They're still foreign, beautiful The minority languages in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and the like, are quite exotic. Smaoinichinn cho. Jul 7 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3. Girls who eat carrots 4.

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Need something exotic

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What People Actually Mean When They Say Someone Is Exotic