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From the director of Revenge of the Nerds comes this outrageous sword and sandals spoof! Share your knowledge on Readable. Create Log in. Publish any text You can anything that interests you. Collaborate Improve any text by working together with other annotators. Tip: Highlight text to annotate it X. PapaKaka Proudly Presents: Awesomest Maximus The fate of the world is decided by legends, men who are larger than life. And so did Awesomest Maximus. Oh, sorry, friend! Hey, Quantas, man! How you doing here? As you see, is the state of good for us. Something is wrong Great, thanks Larry.

Throw it full. With strength and honor! You know what? Will we use the archers? The cavalry is too close. The next time, the cavalry one piece back, because this The gods predicted Awesomest Maximus would be the greatest general ever.

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And if the gods predict your destiny You might as well at a strip club you go and get drunk. How are you, man! Check this out! I call it What is a motorboat? And what an engine? King Looney want to talk to you, sir. Looney king, your father? Your wife, princess, her father, King Looney, sir? She does not mind! You are barbaric strippers! Your pipes for a yak shiny stone Thanks, Captain Game Decay!

What's wrong with you? Well, I love it. Leave us girls. But not too long, but the pills work 4 hours. Looney king, the ruler of everything he oversaw It's good to be king, not you, sir? Awesomest, you are the son I never had. And then Orlando? That's a good point. And, how do you like being married? Once a princess, always a princess. I think she's worried that you Orlando as heir to. Would he really not queen? Okay, in this regard. I want you to accompany Orlando in Greece. If I may I can do, sir. We do our I am a great general.

That was sarcasm. That was the truth. The fate of Troy is in your hands, Awesomest. Okay, Looney. I do it. Forgive me, sir, but can Awesomest only himself, are you sure he can make a important mission to can? He's always me and the army been able to save his skin. You forget that when Awesomest was born The gods said that he was destined was a legend.

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But, sir, I'm not really sure It was the first time that Awesomest only on an important mission was sent. As if they knew anything about. Awesomest, get your head out of the clouds and listen to me. This is something good. Daddy needs you never given much responsibility. He finally looks likely Orlando that a complete gay. Troy can not gay king. You know what this means, Awesomest? If this goes well, he you king of Troy. And that means I queen. And we are going in the castle servants live and have hope Not screwed up! It sounds good. Maybe you and me We're married, Awesomest.

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You have to earn it first. I was talking about myself. I am fat. I want to lose weight. I like yoga I love you! If you know what I mean. It's a good day for the crows. And I hear they have the taste Tessa Liana love. I told you! No, you said it wrong. So I'm a very mild god-king, okay? Instead of that I do men dead let some time and save lives and the old way. Your best warrior against mine. If mine wins, you are subject. It's that simple. And if mine wins? You have my word. Not big enough. This effect has Ginormus to many.

This is embarrassing! I am here calling his name. We all here and he does not. I am this Sat I'm sorry. I know you do something else to do. But I also. He was the best warrior of King Erotik, an immortal among men, and in due course also a wimp. Testiclees, Erotik king wants to see you.

Tell your king that I am going nowhere until I finished my beauty therapy. But as she held him with his little balls, Testiclees continued his balls vulnerable in combat. Testiclees, your swords. The stories about you true?

So what. We are both single. That is the biggest Ginormus guy I've ever seen. I would not want to fight with him. Therefore no one will remember your name. I do not want to fight him because I'm only ten years old. Yes, it will be, wimp.

Mature women who want sex in Yakshiny

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