Looking for Real Friendships

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Online friendship is a really interesting topic to me. Many of my closest and deepest friendships are with people I met on the internet. Although it lessens each year, there is still some taboo with making friends online. It can seem somehow less real.

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It can also seem scary. What if it turns into a catfish situation? Today I want to open up about my experiences with online friendships and start a conversation with you! When I made my first online friends about ten years ago, it felt weird. I was really nervous to meet them in person. They take a lot of work to grow. They take communication and respect. Some will grow over the years and some will phase out over time. I no longer segment my online vs. I even have a close friend who I have talked about everything to for years who I have never even met in person hey, Jill.

Just like any other friendship, it takes courage to connect with new friends online. You have to put yourself out there! So I try to never take that personally. If you want a friend, reach out, be kind, leave comments, send an .

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Just like any other friendship, online friendships need effort to grow. That will mean different things to different people. But to me it means sending an occasional gift, sending flowers during a painful time, planning to meet up or visit each other, or even just taking the time to write long s and catch up on real life stuff.

Sometimes it does. This is reality in any relationship for the rest of your life, though, not just with online friends. At different seasons in your life, you will notice Looking for Real Friendships and different needs that you have. There was a time in my life when I was very new and struggling with my small business, and I needed a lot of support in that area. It helped me to have friends who could commiserate with me over my tax bills, problems with hiring and firing, and marketing ideas. These days my biggest goal is to live my best life and create memories with my family.

This means planning activities to do together and setting aside family time. So I notice myself gravitating toward other women who are in that zone. Each season has its own unique set Looking for Real Friendships highs and lows. The best friendships will challenge you to be a better you while loving you the way you are! I think knowing what your goals and dreams are is a big part of finding friends who support and nurture those things.

I hope my experiences and advice are helpful to you! Elsie, thank you for opening up about personal experiences like this! This post could not have come at a more perfect time for me. This gives me courage to reach out and feel less weird about it, haha. Like you said, it was seen as a taboo thing for so long, like people who spend time online making friends are weirdos. I absolutely agree that online friendships ARE real friendships! And I like the perspective you have about being connected because of common interests and passions, not just proximity. I completely agree, especially with the first point.

The reason I started my blog was to be able to connect and maybe make friends with people who shared the same passions and interests as me. Although I liked spending time with my real-life friends, none of them were really into health, wellness, and living green, as I was and still am and I was really missing that sort of connection in my life. Naturally, blogging became another passion of mine, which makes it easier to connect online, since everyone who writes a blog is likely passionate about it.

Some of my closest friends were made through blogging and twitter, including someone who I was friends with on twitter and then happened to get a job in her same town! So now we can also hang out :. Thank you for opening up so much. I guess I missed you! For some time now, I thought about not reading ABM anymore but still using your shop, because I love your quality products. It was more a matter of taste. On the subject at hand, I have personally made really close relationships from online friendships, to the point of visiting.

Just like you, a couple of them fizzled out on their own. Online friendships are great! I agree. There is a lot of advice to network with other bloggers, but what I really want is to connect with other people writing a newish blog — and they are so hard to find! Everyone is either huge and famous, and ends up leaving, it feels like. I keep hoping that through Instagram, Bloglovin, etc. Thanks for the encouragement! Hey, Dani! I can relate! You are so right, its difficult to make friends with famous bloggers, because they are searching for frindship in other famous bloggers or have no time, he he!

I am mexican, and sometimes I try making friends with people from spain, but I found out they are searching for friends in english spoken countries. Elsie, Thank you so much for writing this! This post definitely help quell my fears! I consider you my friend, and every time you reply to my comments, I flip out!!!!! We are in love with you and your ideas and your style!!! Love this article! The Internet is a great place to meet people with similar interests.

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This was fantastic! In the past couple years I have made a lot of friends on the internet. The positive side of that?? Such a great post, Elsie! I totally agree. I have met few friends online and I have still kept in touch with them than my friends whom I met over college.

I find online friends to be the best listener in times of you having problems and stuff like that. I tend to vent out on my internet friends than my real ones. LOVE reading this! I have a couple of groups of friends that I met online and truthfully, they are more real than real life friends. I have a group of girlfriends that I met online about 8 years ago. We all had blogs with similar themes. I met them for the first time last year and it felt like coming home.

I always say its hard to make friends as we get older. You just have to put yourself out there and hope for the best.

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When I started painting, I was thrilled to meet artists who were so supportive. I live in Vancouver, B. Perfect timing! I was thinking about this today and saw your post on my Bloglovin feed. Definitely agree! I definitely agree with each point here!! I will be honest. There really is nothing wrong with branching out and speaking to someone. FAB post lovely!! Thanks so much for writing this post! I remember wanting a pen pal for a while but I was nervous about ing up through pen pal websites because I was afraid that it would be unsafe but I ended up finding IGGPPC and after looking into it decided that it was fine.

They even encourage people to be safe and not to share addresses if uncomfortable. Yeni, thanks so much for replying! Absolutely I do! Brilliant post and well said! I Looking for Real Friendships have made and broke up with many online friends over the past few years. Some have been great, some terrible lol! For me, the Internet has allowed me to interact with people that I have difficulties doing in the real world due to an illness that has left me with poor mobility.

I think it has allowed me to say healthy mentally. I honestly believe that my life was saved by a woman I met online. I was having a hard time coming to terms with my illness and felt like my life was over at 32! I was angry, confused and hurting badly. Less than 6 months earlier I had finally got where I wanted in my career, we were buying a house and then BANG I would never work again.

Anyway we got talking and she made me see life was over as I knew it but my life was no way finished. It was a really long chat and I felt amazing after. She was so peaceful and comforting. That one interaction set me on the right tract again and I will be forever be grateful to her. This was a much needed topic of discussion. I feel a little bolder and brave now. Thank You. I had an online friend from South Korea a few years ago. Thanks so much for sharing this post Elsie.

Looking for Real Friendships

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