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Show All Answers. Entertainment includes live and amplified music, DJs, public dances, open mic nights, and other entertainment activities meant to attract the public. Entertainment staff ask for a minimum of 45 days Looking for Modesto and private times process your Business Entertainment Permit application. This process can be lengthy, with several City Departments required to view the application and provide comments. All new applications must also go before the Entertainment Commission, which meets twice monthly, in order to receive final approval.

Business Entertainment Permits are not transferable. If a business changes ownership, or if a business changes locations, a new Business Entertainment Permit application must be submitted, and the old Business Entertainment Permit is rendered invalid. The State of California maintains a searchable database of all d cannabis retailers. The State's cannabis consumer education program Weedwise press release provides an overview of the program. Adults over 21 years of age, and those over 18 years of age with a valid medical marijuana prescription may grow up to six plants, indoors, at a single residence.

The limit of six plants is by residence, regardless of the of residents. Growing activity must be completely indoors, secured and screened from public view. View Ordinance C. PDF for further information. Public records can be requested online. Every record made or received by the City is pd to be a public record, unless it is subject to an exemption. Exempt records are those that Federal, State or Local law prohibits the City from disclosing or permits the City to decline to disclose. For example, the United States and California Constitutions prohibit the disclosure of personal information that would violate an individual's right to privacy.

The custodian of records must either give you a copy of the requested record or provide you with a written justification of why the record is not public i. The City is not required to create a document in response to a request.

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Nor is the City required to honor prospective requests. You can pay your water bill online, by phone or in person. Pay your parking citation using our online payment portal. Call for more information. As of September 1,customers paying by debit or credit card in person for parking citations will be charged a 2. You can obtain a business by submitting an application, completing the zoning process and paying your fees.

Callvisit us in person or view our Business web for more information. The run off election is all by mail, so all registered voters in Modesto eligible for the Modesto Mayor race will receive a ballot. Ballots may be returned by mail, an official drop box or delivered the Stanislaus County Elections Office at I Street. Drop box locations will be included in the Voter Information pamphlet that will Looking for Modesto and private times mailed with the ballot.

The 15 day close of registration is January 19,so voters registered as of this date will be mailed a ballot. Election code allows post mark plus three days to turn in ballots. Ballots will be accepted if post marked on election day and received by Friday February 5, Initial City of Modesto Municipal Run-off Election will be released election night Tuesday February 2, between pm and pm. You can view the on or after this time on the Elections website. You may observe a livestream of City Council and Standing Committee meetings.

If you wish to make either a general public comment or to comment on a specific agenda item, please submit your comment include Agenda Item in the subject lineby ing the City Clerk. All comments will be shared with the Council Committee and placed in the record. Every effort will be made to read your comment into the record, but some comments may not be read due to time limitations.

comments will be accepted until the Mayor announces that public comment for that item is closed. You do not have to wait until the meeting begins to submit a comment. If you would prefer to read your comment live during the meeting, log into the meeting using the Zoom virtual platform and the instructions found on each council meeting agenda.

Assistance will be provided to those requiring accommodations for disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of Persons requesting accommodation should contact the City in advance of the meeting, and as soon as possible, at Council members may contacted by phone, fax or. You may also ask a question using our online reporting tool or public comment link. Modesto City Council 4. When are the City Council meetings? The City Council meets at p. Meetings are not held on the 3rd or 5th Tuesday, unless a special meeting is called by City Council.

Special meetings may be called by the Mayor or majority of the council members. Regular meetings are televised live by the local cable television company. View the meeting calendar online.

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How do I get involved in City Government? Be Informed: City services, policies and spending are discussed year-round at the City Council meetings. Come to meetings, view them on the local cable channel, view them live online, or review archived meetings. Modesto City Council Biographies 6. How do I address the Council at a meeting?

Members of the public who wish to address the City Council regarding an agenda item during a meeting are required to fill out a blue Speaker's Card, available in the foyer of the Chambers. Once called by the Mayor, step to the speaker's podium.

The Mayor will ask all speakers to state their name and address and then they are free to address the Mayor and Council members with any comments or questions about the specific agenda item. For written communications to the Council, a request to be on the agenda must be submitted in writing to the City Clerk no later than 5 p. The request should include the following: 1.

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Date of the meeting you would like your item to appear on the agenda; 2. A brief description of your item; 3. Any back-up information you would like the Council to receive prior to the meeting; 4. Agenda packets are available for review and copies of staff reports can be pick-up from the City Clerk's Office after 4 p.

Agendas are also available in the Council Chambers prior to the meeting on Tuesday. City Council Agendas and Minutes 8. Are there any Citizen Advisory Group vacancies? Citizen Advisory Group descriptions and vacancies can be viewed on the Boards and Commissions.

What is the goal of the Vibrant Infrastructure and Sustainable Environment commitment? Strengthen and maintain a safe infrastructure of city ro, water supply, storm sewers, transit and airport needs for residents, businesses and visitors. What is the goal of the Great Safe Neighborhoods commitment? Explore new approaches to public safety, working in partnership with the community to reduce crime and maintain a safe and inviting community in which to live, work and play. What is the goal of the Effective Responsive and Transparent Government commitment? It is the policy of the City Modesto to process refunds for overpayment within four weeks.

Overpayments must be researched and analyzed prior to any refund being issued. In the event of a balance on a ly unpaid invoice, any refund due will be applied towards this balance. Refund requests will be sent to the s Payable division for processing and will be issued in the form of a check. Refunds for overpayment will be processed within four weeks. In the event of a balance on ly unpaid parking citations, any refund due will be applied towards this balance. Refunds will be issued in the form of a check.

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The following policy has been created pursuant to the Modesto Municipal Code This policy is not intended to cover all scenarios that may relate to permit fee refunds. All refunds must be approved by the Chief Building Official. In order to obtain a Permit, you must fill out an application and turn it into our office in person at City HallSuite Please review our Permit checklist prior to submitting the application packet. On February 15,Ordinances No. S and C. PDFamending the Municipal Code to regulate commercial cannabis activity and personal cultivation, went into effect.

More information is available on the Commercial Cannabis Regulations web. Commercial Cannabis zoningthe zoning districts that allow commercial cannabis businesses, are specified in the link. In addition, buffers are feet from schools, daycare establishments and youth centers, feet from parks and libraries, and feet from residential property. Please direct other zoning-related inquiries to the City of Modesto Planning Division at No commercial cannabis activity is permitted in a defined downtown area.

View the prohibited area map on our website. The fee schedule can be found on our website. There are no restrictions on the of Non-Retail Commercial businesses. Retail Dispensary Commercial Cannabis Businesses are limited to a maximum of 10 within Modesto city limits.

For general questions, or help identifying which district your property may fall into, please call the Community Development IFP Division at For more information about Modesto's Community Facilities Districts visit our website here. Where can I get information about the landscape maintenance or lighting assessments on my property tax statement?

The City of Modesto has several districts in town that voted to have special landscape or lighting maintenance funded through special taxes. The name of the special assessment that is showing on your property tax statement, would be based on where you live within the City of Modesto. For more information about Modesto's assessment districts please visit our website here. If you are not sure who your Looking for Modesto and private times company is, view the Service Area Map online. What do I do if my can is stolen?

Looking for Modesto and private times

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