I need to suck and more

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Sucking a dummy can help some babies settle. Sucking seems to have a soothing and settling effect on babies. Eventually, your child will have to part with the dummy.

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Dummies come in different shapes. But make sure the dummy you choose complies with Australian standard AS Babies under six months should use dummies that have been sterilised. There are several ways to sterilise bottle-feeding equipmentwhich you can also use to sterilise dummies. From about six monthsyour child will be more resistant to infections. This means you need only to wash the dummy with soap and water, rather than sterilising it. Just make sure to squeeze out any fluid that gets inside.

A common alternative to dummy use is sucking fingers or thumbs. On the upside, babies can find their own fingers easily when they need them. Luckily, most children give up finger-sucking by themselves. Dummies: advantages and disadvantages Sucking a dummy can help some babies settle. But not all babies like dummies. There are other disadvantages to dummies too: Dummy use is linked to slightly higher rates of middle ear infections. Babies can get very upset when dummies are lost or misplaced. Babies can end up needing their dummies to get to sleep.

You can teach dummy independence when your baby is eight months or older.

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Choosing dummies Dummies come in different shapes. Here are tips to help you choose a dummy for your baby: Look for a one-piece model with a soft nipple. Dummies made in two pieces can break apart and become choking hazards. Look for a firm plastic shield with air holes.

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Check the shield is more than 3. If your baby is younger than six months old, choose a dummy that can go into the dishwasher or be boiled. Most dummies are labelled for babies either under or over six months. The teats are often the same. Babies can choke on any loose bits.

Keep spare dummies handy. Your baby is sure to drop the dummy somewhere without you noticing, then get upset when they want it again. This can cause tooth decay. Looking after dummies Babies under six months should use dummies that have been sterilised.

I need to suck and more

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The need to suck