I knowits late but if you want to

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So, why is that so much easier said than done? Sleep procrastination — basically putting off sleeping and doing other things instead — is very common. There might be lo of different reasons for it, but sleep therapist Tracy Hannigan tracythesleepcoach.

Carers might really relate to this too, and parents. And if your sleep-procrastination method of choice tends to involve a screen? Darwall-Smith and Hannigan both believe acknowledging all this is hugely important. In other words, cut yourself some slack. Instead, focus on the rewards.

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Stick people run away from things that have negative consequences. Carrot people are those driven towards the positive. Psychology research tends to support the notion that, when it comes to behaviour change, carrots are far more effective than sticks.

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Those are the things that are going to help you get through the wobbles, and I always think focusing on those positive things really helps with the compassion. And what are your needs, what do you need to prioritise?

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Hannigan agrees — when it comes to therapy for sleep procrastination, a lot of the work is about addressing things at root level. Shifting the focus like this has numerous benefits. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?

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I knowits late but if you want to

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Want more sleep, but can’t stop staying up late? Sleep procrastination is not as simple as we might think