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We maintain a regular review programme to evaluate and report on the education Girls Hamilton sex care of young people in schools. We are in the process of shifting from event-based external reviews to supporting each school in a process of continuous improvement. There may be delays between reviews for some schools and kura due to Covid and while we transition to our new way of reviewing. about our new processes and why we changed the way we review schools and kura. There are 24 international fee-paying students and an attached hostel accommodating boarders.

School leadership has remained unchanged since the ERO review and the experienced board has recently gained trustees with specific governance knowledge and skills. Leaders and teachers regularly report to the board, schoolwide information about outcomes for students in the following areas:. The data also shows that the large majority of students achieve Level 3, with just over half of these students gaining University Entrance UE. These students achieve at comparable levels at Level 2 to New Zealand European students. Endorsements for student achievement in NCEA from toshow that at merit level there has been a decrease at Levels 1 and 2 and an increase at Level 3.

The data, inclusive of all students for excellence endorsements, have remained consistent over time. The school has had a focus on improving student attendance rates. The attendance data shows higher levels of attendance compared with and there is a positive trend over time. Girls Hamilton sex, there has been a decrease in the rates of unjustified absences.

Achievement information from nationally referenced assessment tools shows Year 9 and 10 students made less than expected progress in literacy and numeracy from to A ificant majority of those students who entered the school at Year 9 inachieving below curriculum expectations in English and mathematics and who remained untilgained NCEA Level 2.

Many students with additional learning needs are well supported and their learning is effectively accelerated in literacy and numeracy. Senior leaders promote the school values, are highly respected, empathetic and set high expectations for students. There is a strong sense of school pride. Students have a wide range of opportunities to enjoy success, with a feeling of sisterhood an integral part of the school culture.

Students from a of different ethnicities are included and supported. A range of cultural events are acknowledged and celebrated at the school. Many student leadership pathways are available for students and this has led to positive student role models throughout the school.

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Students with additional learning needs are well supported through an ongoing strategic focus. The continued development of the Hilary Hub provides a central focus to support these students. Many students involved in these programmes make accelerated progress. The learning environment is managed in ways that support participation and engagement. Knowledgeable teachers use a range of teaching strategies to Girls Hamilton sex and encourage students. They actively support students in class and provide formative feedback, which strengthens student involvement in their learning.

The school has yet to effectively analyse and use achievement information to inform teaching and learning. Annual departmental reviews do not clearly respond to the disparity in student achievement. Improved data analysis will allow clear trends and patterns to be identified, inform teacher practice and ongoing curriculum de, and assist teachers to better respond to the specific learning needs of students. Internal evaluation of subject courses requires strengthening to better measure the impact of recent initiatives on student outcomes.

A more coherent approach to monitoring students at risk of not achieving is needed. Clarity of the specific roles, responsibilities and ability of middle and senior leaders are also necessary. Although there are currently numerous ways to track student achievement, a standardised schoolwide system for actioning appropriate responses to improve student outcomes needs to be developed, to build greater consistency across the school. The school hostel, Sonninghill Hostel, accommodates students. Boarders are housed according to year levels in dormitories, units, and single and double rooms.

There is provision for a greater level of privacy and independence for Year 13 students.

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Communal spaces provide a range of recreational activities. A of organised events throughout the year provides further opportunities for social interactions between students. There is a comprehensive induction programme for new boarders and mentoring and tutoring support is provided for those students who require it. The school has attested that all requirements of the Education Hostels Regulations have been met. The school has attested that it complies with all aspects of the code. At the time of this ERO review there were Girls Hamilton sex long-stay international students attending the school.

Effective systems and processes are in place to support the pastoral care of international students. The school monitors the provision for students through ongoing internal evaluation. Promotion of student wellbeing and the meaningful integration into school life is a strong focus.

Students have positive experiences at school and are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities Girls Hamilton sex events. Students are provided with relevant curriculum experiences and subject choices, alongside useful guidance to support successful pathways to further study. A well-considered approach to supporting English language learning caters for individual student needs and enables success. ERO has identified the need to enhance reporting to the board of trustees. This is necessary to further support the school to evaluate its effectiveness in providing positive academic and pastoral outcomes for all international students.

Before the review, the board and principal of the school completed the ERO board assurance statement and self-audit checklists. In these documents they attested that they had taken all reasonable steps to meet their legislative obligations related to the following:.

During the review, ERO checked the following items because they have a potentially high impact on student safety and wellbeing:. For sustained improvement and future learner success, the school can draw on existing strengths in:. They participate and enjoy success within an affirming, inclusive and friendly school culture. This is helping students achieve to their potential. A feature of the school is the diversity of ethnicities and the promotion and celebration of these cultures.

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There are 17 international fee-paying students and Girls Hamilton sex attached hostel accommodating boarders. The board of trustees continues to be led by an experienced board chair person and includes several newly elected members. The school is currently involved in the Ministry of Education initiative Positive Behaviour for Learning PB4L and that is having a positive impact on the culture of the school. The school has a positive reporting history with ERO.

The areas for development identified in the ERO report were used productively to inform strategic planning. The school has made considerable progress in all areas. The school is involved in the establishment phase of a Community of Learning COL with other local schools. Senior leaders and staff from the pastoral care team, liaise well with the contributing schools. They gather comprehensive, relevant personal and achievement information on students entering Year 9. This information is used in conjunction with pre-entrance tests to place students in appropriate classes and social groupings.

Students in need of additional support are identified and provided for to ensure a successful transition to high school. Highly effective co-construction meetings between core teachers who have Year 9 and 10 classes are a ificant new development. These termly meetings establish relevant goals for each class.

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Senior managers and curriculum leaders now need to coordinate and rationalise the assessment and reporting of student achievement and progress at Years 9 and This is likely to provide a more cohesive approach to accelerating the progress of students at risk of underachieving in the junior school. The appointment of the Director of Learning in the Hillary Hub is another important development. This is having a positive impact on learning, engagement and achievement.

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The director coordinates the analysis and sharing of entry data and other achievement information at Years 9 and This promotes more effective use of this data to inform planning and teaching strategies to meet students identified as needing Girls Hamilton sex or extension. The Hillary Hub also provides inclusive and flexible support for students at all levels, particularly those students who have high needs or are identified as priority learners. Community volunteers work closely with students to build their confidence and accelerate their learning.

All teachers have ongoing access to a wide range of academic and pastoral information to inform their planning and Girls Hamilton sex productive relationships with students and their families. Each curriculum area provides an annual report for the board and senior management which summarises achievement information with a particular focus on the National Certificate of Educational Achievement NCEA. These reports effectively inform departmental self review and curriculum de. Senior management also use these reports to effectively guide decisions about resourcing. In the board and school leaders set and reported on achievement targets for students at Levels 1 and 2 NCEA.

Data shows that the proportion of students gaining Level 1, 3 and University Entrance UE qualifications is comparable to national averages and similar schools. Four students attained National Scholarships in They participate and learn in a caring, collaborative, inclusive and diverse school community. Mutually respectful relationships amongst students and staff is highly evident. A culture of high expectations and school pride has been successfully promoted throughout the school community. Senior managers successfully co-ordinate the pastoral work of he of house, tutor teachers, deans, guidance, careers and health services.

There is an effective programme of academic mentoring for senior students. At the senior level there is an increasing of courses involving tertiary providers and industrial training organisations. Classes observed by ERO were settled and positive, with high levels of student engagement evident.

Effective strategies for teaching and learning include:. The next step is to build consistency of teaching by continuing to consolidate and embed the opportunities to share good practice and effective strategies within departments and across the school. The principal has been highly successful in building effective relationships with the board, staff, students, iwi and the wider community.

She proactively seeks and values a wide range of perspectives to gain an in-depth understanding of the school context and aspirations of the community. The principal is highly effective in modelling a commitment to professional learning and is continually building successful networks to support ongoing development and growth.

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Several strategic appointments to leadership positions continue to build the professional capability and collective capacity of teachers and support staff. The senior leadership team has a range of complementary areas of expertise and influence, and pursue their targets aimed at achieving equitable outcomes for all students. Together they empower staff at all levels and there is an extensive, and highly effective programme of professional learning and development for teachers, with a focus on current research of best practice.

Professional learning Girls Hamilton sex provide opportunities for teachers to share their expertise, disseminate knowledge, and promote improvement and innovation in their departments. Support staff are highly respected for the high quality services they provide to students, teachers and parents. The kapa haka group experienced success reaching the finals in the national secondary schools competition in There is a strong focus on developing teachers' understanding and promotion of manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, tangata whenuatanga and ako. There is a strategic approach to consolidating, embedding and extending the KEP initiatives of co-construction, shadow coaching, Rongohia Te Hau observations and providing professional development for staff to further develop cultural contexts in the curriculum.

They are able to choose mentors and meet regularly with them to discuss their goals.

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These courses effectively provide opportunities for students to work as a team, problem solve, and maintain a positive approach to challenges to build their resilience and self confidence. This is having a positive impact on their learning and achievement. The success of Pasifika students is promoted throughout the school. Cultural events provide opportunities to celebrate the language, culture and identity of the diverse group of students of Pacific Island origin.

The Pasifika fono meetings provide fanau with opportunities to connect, share food, acknowledge cultural protocols and celebrate diversity.

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