Girls for sex in Petworth DC

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This Is Me is a column in which we speak to Washingtonians who have a unique story to tell. Did you leave your job on the Hill to become a bartender? Do you support yourself as a social influencer? We want to hear all of your stories—no matter what the subject or how kooky they may be. Mimi Montgomery at mmontgomery washingtonian. It was more instant gratification—this was before Tinder and all that started.

It was risky, but it was never anything too crazy. I figured a quick way to make money was to throw a party.

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So [a friend and I] decided to have one of our own. So they were down for it. That was before College Park got busted for all the low-end prostitution. We made the cut. It was understood that I was just the hostess. I had a male friend there, and he was like the bodyguard-slash-money-taker.

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I was in the room facilitating in some lingerie, offering drinks, making sure everybody was safe and cool. So I was like—oh. So we exchanged s or something, and I got to talking to him and eventually saw him. It was not a sexual thing—he wanted it to be like, a degrading kind of role play. I was just thinking about it like, oh my gosh. Is this really happening?

So I just prepared myself for whatever. I gave him commands on what to do, and he wanted me to beat him with a newspaper.

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I had bought a leash, and was [leading] him around on the leash and beating him with it and doing different commands. I had cookies, but I was treating them as dog treats and made him eat out of a bowl.

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Stuff like that. So I did a little bit of that.

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This is all I really wanted. So I was like, okay, and we hugged, and that was it. A lot of the time that I escorted, I had a lot of guys come to me with particular fetish requests. Like monthly or weekly. It was just straight oral. One guy had girlfriend issues, so he would always want to ask me girlfriend advice. A couple guys, they wanted me to urinate on them. I had one guy who wanted to drink my urine. I had another guy, he wanted to wrestle. I went to give him a hand release, and he like, froze up. I just wanted to wrestle.

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And I was like…okay. I had my regulars on one schedule, but I also allowed for new guys. Towards the end, I was offering [the clients] doubles and dinner. I even kept it from my therapist for three years. They just kind of never said anything to me. If my mom needed something or my dad needed to borrow money, they would come ask me and never say where are you working?

He was young enough, and he always had a sitter. All the hours that I would see the guys would be before 6 PM, so it was like a regular job. I could start taking appointments at 10 and be done by 6, home cooking dinner, and no one would know. It was going on five years. It was really isolating. You have a bad day escorting, who are you going to talk to? I mean, there were woman who were 40 and still escorting who lost custody of their kids and had criminal records for prostitution.

Yeah, I probably will think the guy will cheat on me, but at least I know a little bit more. I found out a lot about men, of course. I had some little lawyer guy in Georgetown come see me. Like, what?

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He was so petite and nice. It blew me away. You have a wife. I can tell. Even last night, I worked an event at a hotel, and I got propositioned. It still happens. Do you want to go back and do that? Mimi Montgomery ed Washingtonian in Originally from North Carolina, she now lives in Petworth. Tweet Share. Or, see all of our newsletters. Mimi Montgomery.

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Girls for sex in Petworth DC

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