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Before it became the stuff of Hollywood legend, Chicago in the s was filled with larger-than-life characters living in a world of gangland violence, bootleg liquor, and celebrity worship. Capone would get his fame, which was ultimately his undoing.

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It fueled the determination of federal authorities to put the headline-hungry gangster behind bars. Journalist Douglas Perry takes us back to those crazy, dangerous days of high living in Murder City. Murder One: Young and beautiful Belva Gaertner, while working as a cabaret singer, attracted the romantic attentions of a millionaire and married him. After one evening of drinking, she shot her then-boyfriend, Walter Law, also married.

Unsurprisingly, the media savored every detail of this sensational Female in Annan 20s of infidelity and murder. Murder Two: Another beautiful Chicagoan, Beulah Annan, spent her days cavorting with boyfriend Harry Kalstedt while her husband was at work. Perry details the entire combustible love triangle. These tales of murder were a gift from above to Chicago newspapers, and Watkins made her name covering both killers. They have such lovely, quaint, old-fashioned ideas about women being on pedestals. Beulah and Belva threw themselves at the mercy of the juries.

Understanding the necessity of looking good, the two women opened a kind of fashion school for female criminals at the Cook County Jail. They gave themselves and each other manicures. Beulah and Belva were found not guilty by all-male juries, much to the disappointment of reporter Watkins.

Frustrated, Watkins transformed this raw material into her classic play. The play was shocking — and it was hilarious. Chuck Leddy, a freelance writer who lives in Dorchester, can be reached at chuckleddy com cast. Local Search Site Search. Home Delivery. By Chuck Leddy. E-mail this article. Sending your article. Your article has been sent. Tweet Yahoo! Buzz ShareThis.

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In the s, a Makeover Saved This Woman From the Death Penalty