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Those differences and the speed of progress in reducing them, vary from country to country. But according to the WEF researchers, at our current pace, it will take years to eradicate gender disparities. The benefits of equal rights are becoming evident. Eliminating the wage gap could also benefit the world economy in many other ways. Pushing for equal wages for the same positions at work and sharing household chores at home can help.

We have created a series on building a fairer world in everyday life, from childhood to adolescence.

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In the third report of the series, check out what adults can do to advance gender equality. Ask yourself if there is an equal division of labor in your home. The work of caring for children is still done mainly by women in much of the world.

A report released by the UN in points out that women from developing countries do over three hours more of daily unpaid work household chores and childcare than men, while in developed countries, they do, on average, two hours more. This type of violence is not restricted to physical aggression. Verbal attacks curses and threats and psychological abuse controlling, manipulative and intimidating behavior also affect women. Often, all these things occur together. If you experience domestic violence, be aware that you are not alone. Report it! The same UN report quoted above points out that in most countries with data available, less than 40 percent of women who experience violence seek help of any kind.

Among those who do, most seek out family and friends, and few use formal institutions and mechanisms, such as police and health services. Less than 10 percent of women went to the police after suffering violence. The latest UN data, released inshows that only 53 percent of countries offer at least 14 weeks of maternity leave. Even worse, only 48 percent of countries offer any paternity leave.

Talk to your colleagues, friends and family frankly and tell them to stop with the chauvinist, racist, homophobic and transphobic insults. The overall average of women in legislative bodies is only Find out who the female candidates are, especially women from underrepresented communities.

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In addition to politics, consider ways to support the promotion of women and LGBTQI in the arts, sciences, sports, and other fields. Research has already proven that we all reproduce stereotypes and pre-existing notions on many topics, including gender and race.

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So, try to pay attention to your assumptions and know that none of us is immune to making bigoted comments or holding biased attitudes. When someone points out something problematic in your speech, listen and reflect on it. Even small changes yielded .

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The survey indicated that an increase of only 2. One way to increase the hiring of women and other underrepresented groups, according to April Reign, diversity consultantis to remove names, photos and addresses from the s early in the selection process because, according toresearches, gender and race biases can affect what happens even before the interview.

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Therefore, it is important to observe and support companies that pay the same salary, benefits and bonuses to employees with equivalent positions. Proven cases should be punished. One way to stop microaggressions is to offer training on diversity and implicit prejudice. But, as April Reign says, such trainings should include everyone. This project from Harvard University shows how we all carry implicit prejudice.

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Down to earth male looking for same in female only

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