Chit chat to pass the time

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However, chit-chat moments are great opportunities for you to practice your American English. One of the best reasons to engage in chit-chat comes from my student Miguel. During a Master Real American English session, Miguel said that he enjoys practicing chit-chat with English speakers because it helps him improve his pronunciation. Also, he said chit-chat introduces him to natural phrases that he can add to his own English.

Miguel is spot-on with this. And this is just another reason I want to encourage you throughout this lesson to chit-chat in English as often as you can. So many of my students feel awkward making simple little conversations like this, but having the courage to start these little conversations as often as possible can make a huge difference in your social relationships.

It teaches you how to socialize with confidence, and build up those important personal and professional relationships, get techniques to make you a good conversationalist, as well as understand cultural differences on a deeper level. If you want interesting conversations without feeling awkward and to make real connections in business, be sure to check that out! Sometimes, even native English speakers can feel nervous making small talk, or chit-chat. A simple, friendly conversation.

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Small talk is actually a healthy habit too, because researchers are discovering that when you make small talk, you can feel more positive and connected with others — and this positive effect can last for hours after the conversation ended. To get small talk started, find common ground. Common ground could be a shared experience, such as the weather, work life, school, or a networking event.

It could even Chit chat to pass the time something in the immediate environment, such as a movie advertisement or billboard. For example, waiting at the bus stop gets boring. Lively chit-chat is fueled by specific questions and answers. Notice in my Batman example, I specifically mentioned the special effects, the story, and having seen it over a holiday weekend.

These specifics gives my conversation buddy opportunities to continue the conversation in a variety of ways. They might mention a movie they enjoyed with a terrific story, or they might mention something they do with their families over a holiday weekend. Everything has gone perfectly, and then… your chit-chat hits a moment of silence.

But guess what — I want you to use this awkward moment as another opportunity to practice your conversation skills. Continue the small talk by bringing up another topicor even bring up something that was said earlier in the conversation. Parroting is also a good way for English learners to clarify what someone said. Parroting may also help if you feel stuck in a conversation and not sure how to respond. All you need to do is repeat the last few words the other person said and say it as a question.

One important point is not to overuse this technique. For example, it will get uncomfortable if you repeat everything your conversation partner says…. Many of my students enjoy chit-chat because mistakes may be easier to recover from in small talk rather than a formal meeting. If you take this attitude, each time you engage in chit-chat you can expect a mistake or two. This listening means we need to be actively engaged and observant during a conversation and act on what we notice about what the other person has said. I hope this episode has given you some ideas about small talk, so you can be more confident to start a conversation in American English with anyone you meet!

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You too? No menu ased! Another good reason to make more chit-chat! Just knowing these basics can already give you a little confidence boost! Find Common Ground To get small talk started, find common ground.

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Be Specific Lively chit-chat is fueled by specific questions and answers. Awkward moment? No problem! What kind of dog is it? Busy day? Lots of work to do before my trip!

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Not good. Do a Practice Run Many of my students enjoy chit-chat because mistakes may be easier to recover from in small talk rather than a formal meeting. For good small talk, you have to listen and think about what is said in the moment. How about you? So now, what about you?

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Do you have any tips or strategies about small talk in American English? If so, please share them in the comments! More good stuff Click the image to learn more.

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Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Leave this field empty. up below:. Practice conversation every day!

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Chit chat to pass the time

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What to say in chit-chat moments in English