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How to prove a common law relationship in BC depends on many factors which a judge will consider as whole. Believe it or not, you do not even need to live under the same roof to be considered common law.

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Our common law lawyers know that financial, emotional, physical and life dependencies all come to play when considering whether you were in a common law relationship or not. If you want to know how to prove you are NOT in a common law relationship.

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This act states that you could be considered common law if:. If you meet the above criteria, you are considered spouses under the Family Law Act. If you are considered a spouse, then you get a whole bunch of rights such as child supportspousal supportproperty and debt division. The difficulty in proving a common law relationship however lies in the marriage like aspect of it. You need to prove a marriage like relationship for at least two years. A marriage like relationship is not the same as dating.

It means you and your ex were basically living like you were married to one another. But relationships come in many different shapes or forms so it is not a one size fit all. Factors that a court will consider in assessing whether you were in a marriage like relationship are listed below. You do not need to meet every factor. Your case will be considered as a whole. As a common law lawyerI usually ask my clients to provide me with the following evidence if I want to prove that my client was a in a marriage like relationship:.

Perhaps the most beautiful and thought provoking commentary by a judge on common law relationships is found in the case of Connor Estate, by Honourable Justice Kent one of my favourite judges. In this case, Ms. Connor who was a criminal defence lawyer, began a relationship British Columbia relationship a man during his marriage. They had an affair for several years. He, Mr. Chambers, then divorced his wife and continued a relationship with Ms.

Connor who was initially his sexual partner. They never lived in the same house because she became a hoarder and Mr. Chambers could not live with her. She British Columbia relationship for their trips but they never had a t. Prior to her death, she made Mr. They took many trips together and referred to each other as husband and wife.

The judge found that during the time she was married to her husband and after her separation, Ms. Connor was in a marriage like relationship. He made the following comments:. Chambers and Ms. In that regard they point out:. However, while much guidance might be found in this case law, the simple fact is that no two cases are identical and indeed they usually vary widely and it is the assessment of evidence as a whole in this particular case which matters.

I accept Mr. Connor after the separation from his wife, but was unable to do so because of Ms. The evidence amply supports, and I find as a fact, that Mr. Connor assisted Mr. Chambers financially and intended to bestow upon him the benefits of both her financial resources while alive and her estate upon her death. Deating Mr. Chambers as the beneficiary of her RRSP speaks volumes.

While the British Columbia relationship on this point is perhaps thin, I find it more probable than not that Ms. Connor actually executed a will leaving most of her estate to Mr. Chambers, a will that simply has not been found. Certainly, I find as a fact that such was her intent, and it was an intent based on Mr.

Connor was of lengthy duration and was of great importance to both of them. They both intended for it to continue following her retirement, at which time they intended to spend their time together, and provide ongoing mutual emotional and intimate support, albeit maintaining separate residences should Ms. Connor not have been able to overcome her hoarding challenges.

In this particular case, I have no doubt that such a relationship existed between Mr. Connor for many years and that it continued to exist right up to the date of her untimely death in January I therefore declare that at the time of her death, Mr. Connor within the meaning of s. To learn how to prove you are NOT in a common law relationship.

As Justice Kent says, relationships come in many different shapes or forms. If you believe you were in a common law relationship and your spouse denies it, you need to at least set up an initial consultation with a common law lawyer to find out your chances of winning or losing. Contact our award winning family lawyers at or get in touch to find out more.

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British Columbia relationship

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