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Over two years ago I considered teaching abroad in either Korea or China, but I chickened out. After moving from Vancouver to Toronto the thought of packing my life into two suitcases and selling the rest just seemed too far-fetched, and having gone through the process of getting transcripts and copies of a degree notarized for a friend already teaching in Korea I just felt…too lazy.

Now I feel incredibly stupid for not just getting it together and going. Living in Korea at least in Busan is a lot like living in Vancouver, Canada where I spent 5 years of my life finishing up my degree and working downtown. Throughout the week I spend my days working and my evenings at the gym. On weekends? I head out shoppingor to a club with friendsto a templeor to the beach. I also had to get copies of my degree notarized and several copies of my sealed transcripts sent. I was working a full-time job that actually had me working really long hours at the time and I still managed to get it all together.

You will need to get a health check up when you arrive in Korea and that will require more paperwork and more photos to get your ARC Alien Registration Card — your key to multiple visits in and out of Korea.

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Pack well — Truth! This year winter fell right into summer just as it seems to have in Toronto. Also I find that people here tend to have incredibly fashionable outfits that they pair with running shoes. If you enjoy a cute pair of heels then bring them — although they might get ruined on the uneven sidewalks…. Korean food is not limited to pork, rice, and kimchi — I promise. I have yet to sit on the floor in a restaurant. They have a standard or and I believe get paid less than Private English Academy workers do. I block out a couple of days a month to get my lesson plans done, and my colleagues are always there to help me as well.

I was nervous that I would be a bad teacher, but for the most part you can use your textbook as a guide and create fun activities to confirm your students knowledge. Just make it easy on yourself and stock up before coming. I brought the little ob brand and just packed them in ziplock bags stuffed in my shoes.

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Bring some power adapters as well. Birth Control Pills are available over the counter in Korea — Truth! Dating in Korea is a nightmare for Foreign Women — Myth! Mine could comfortably fit a king size bed note: I have a single and a couch note: I have a loveseatbut my floors just got redone, I have TONS of storage, the wallpaper is fresh, and my bathroom is pretty massive.

The cost of living is really low in Korea — myth!

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In comparison to life back in Canada certain things are quite cheap, but if you want fruit, vegetables, meat, or peanut butter be prepared to shell out. I tend to live on peppers, eggs, mixed greens, cabbage, bananas, and avocados.

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Wine and Spirits are more expensive than back home, but beer, soju, and makgeolli are very cheap. Not worth it for me. Either invest in sending yourself some Revlon highlighting kits before leaving or head back to brunette. I would also advise waiting until you get your ARC to get a phone.

Do it anyway, and smile a lot.

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Most places will just hand you your change with one hand though. The systems are a great way to check out temples, neighbouring cities, etc. Make sure not to sit in the sections deated for ajummas and adeshis unless you feel like getting reamed out by everyone on board young and old alike!

Ajummas WILL push you out of their way even if there is plenty of room to go around — this happens in the streets as well.

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People have this bizarre tendency to stand really close to you. So there you have it, friends! The first of what will most certainly be a growing list of truths and myths. Anything to add? Leave me a note in the comments! Next Post How to meet people in Korea or at least Busan!

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Moving to Korea? 12 tidbits to consider…