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Browse all Get Style. Browse all Get Strong. Browse all Get Social. Browse all Get Skilled. Dressing well is about presenting your body in the best and most flattering way possible — without trying to distort or alter the body itself. Anything else is just costuming. Fit Bad fit to the left, good fit to the right. On a large man, the effect gets amplified, and it looks even worse. Many large men dress in clothes that are several sizes too big, thinking they are disguising their physique.

So your first consideration with any garment should always be the fit. You want the cloth to rest lightly on your body — not hugging it tight and not hanging off your skin with visible folds of extra cloth.

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The odds of finding something with a perfect fit off the rack are pretty low, so get to know a good tailor. Simplicity Keep it simple: for a large man, a well-fitted, solid, dark colored, full-length overcoat is perfect. Good clothes for large men keep the patterns to a minimum. Broad, solid spaces help complement your shape — be thinking solid-color jackets, lightly striped shirts, and so on, rather than anything with busy graphics or patterns.

Lightweight Thick, heavy cloth accentuates your size and makes you look bulky. Heavier clothing can also hold heat in, and contribute to excessive sweating, which is something that many big men need to be cautious of. A smooth, light fabric that drapes in clean lines is always going to make a large man look and feel better than something chunky. It often ends up looking more like a parachute than a nice garment. It makes everything look proportional, balanced, and neatly framed.

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Keep in mind that there will always be some exceptions to these guidelines. And yes, there are one or two styles that are just plain disastrous. The best clothes are ones that give a clear, clean, defined shape to the body. In addition to jackets, smooth slacks as opposed to jeans give a nice, clean front, and in colder weather a long overcoat is a great way to make a solid impression with your whole body. Bad Clothes for Large Men Things get more problematic when clothes become softer and the outlines less defined.

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They can work — the flat front over the belly can be advantageous, as can something that covers the waistline of the trouser — but you need a nice, close fit and no wrinkles or bulges. Ugly Clothes for Large Men The worst of all possible worlds is anything that combines a saggy fit, low formality, and lots of bare flesh.

So steer clear of loose T-shirts, tank-tops, and baggy shorts. Shorts in general are worth avoiding, but if you do wear them, resist the temptation to go with long, baggy ones — your lower legs will look like skinny pegs in comparison, giving you a massively top-heavy appearance. In general, larger men will look best if they stick to long sleeves and trousers, and select dressier styles that add a little class to their overall appearance. These are all basic upgrades within your wardrobe — just swapping one item or particular style for another. Put together, they can add up to a big improvement.

Switch from Belts to Suspenders Suspenders are a classic menswear accessory — not just for your grandfather.

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Suspenders avoid the issue entirely, and let the trouser front fall in a smooth drape instead of bunching it up at the top. You can have a tailor add them for a couple bucks, or use metal clamp-style suspenders, but ideally you should build a collection of nice slacks that can take button-style suspenders. Spread collars help keep your face looking proportional, and they give you room to tie a nice big necktie knot as well try the Full Windsor.

You also gain a little more vertical space with a hat, which can be nice for guys who are both solidly-built and short. For more information on blue collar style, for a classic AoM article.

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You do need to be good about maintenance here — a big guy with a neat beard is going to be seen as stylish; a big guy with stubble everywhere or a curly neckbeard is going to be taken for a slob. But if you can keep it trim, a neat little goatee can sharpen up your chin, while whiskers on the jawline help put a more squared-off frame around your cheeks. Wear Large Accessories Proportion is very important for a big man. The bigger you are, the bigger you want your accessories to be, too — upgrade a flimsy plastic ballpoint for a fountain pen with some real heft, for example, and always keep your watch faces on the larger side.

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Wear Tailored Shirts Untucked Hemingway in a guayabera. A single flat plane of fabric over the stomach draws less attention than a waistband contrasting with a shirt. As a result, shirts that can be worn untucked tend to de-emphasize the waistline. Polos are often worn this way, as are button-fronted summer shirts. Instead look to try a guayabera. Long-sleeved collared shirts are less likely to be worn untucked, but light sweaters can go over them to fill the same role. More than anything, it relies on honesty about your figure, and the patience to get clothes that actually fit.

Menu podcast. Fitness Health Program Review. Family Fatherhood Relationships Social Skills. Suspenders are a classic menswear accessory — not just for your grandfather. Notice the proportions of the tie, tie knot, and collar. A well-groomed beard can hide a double chin and elongate the face. Hemingway in a guayabera. Next.

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Are you looking for a larger man

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